Air Conditioner Covers

Let us take this opportunity to welcome any newcomers and first-time homeowners to the Calgary area, we gently remind you that routine visual monitoring of your outdoor A/C condensing unit is important, year-round to identify problems before they happen.  With air conditioning almost becoming essential to all buildings in Canada during the summer, a simple routine inspection could save you thousands. While some advocate that covering your outdoor central air conditioning unit or condenser is only essential to keep debris out in the fall months (late Sept.-Dec.), we see the varying climate and storms in Southern Alberta as a geographically specific reason why covering should be for fall and winter or longer.  Other heating and cooling contractors may recommend covering your condenser for the fall months only to block leaves, nuts, decaying fruit and other debris from entering the unit and potentially damaging electronics and hindering operation, we could not agree more but expand on this recommendation below. 

Does covering my air conditioner make a difference in Calgary?

With the cold fall and winter in Calgary, there can be a long period of time between seasons often prolonging the length of fall and allowing for harmful material to enter your air conditioning system over a longer timeframe.  When covering your condenser, pay attention to the design. Some are designed only to have the top covered with robust grills installed to prevent debris from falling and lodging into the sides, some do not have this feature.  Covering the top only allows for air flow and condensate to escape, preventing mould and mildew growth.  Your manufacturer may specify that your unit needs to be covered entirely and it is always prudent to follow their recommendation.  In most cases it is best to cover the top only, if you are uncertain or not comfortable with installing or selecting your cover please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.  

Commercial air conditioning condersors

Sourcing an air conditioning cover for a fair price

Air conditioner covers come in a variety of sizes, materials and from different suppliers/manufacturers.  It is a best practice to use a cover that is highly breathable to allow for adequate air flow.  Most covers available today offer some level of breathability but something like a garbage bag (unbelievably we’ve seen customers use these) will contribute to mould growth which could contaminate your entire system. We recommend a mesh top cover like this one off Amazon.  It is not recommended for environments where falling or dispersed debris is not a factor (keep it uncovered if you are one of the lucky few in this position unless your AC equipment manufacturer states otherwise).  Furthermore, when dealing with invasive insects, the cover we mention could prevent them from entering the top of the housing which is often open to air and not protected by a smaller grill.

Given the long fall season in our area with leaves, nuts, decaying fruit and other debris falling and dispersing well into the winter months it’s crucial to keep your unit covered to maximize lifespan and allow for worry free operation.   Spring could arrive early next year where buds, sap and large seasonal particulate are all common culprits that could create a costly breakdown in the future.  In any event, keep the top of your unit covered if there is any noticeable debris in the area, year round.  If debris of any kind is building up around the edge of your unit take the time to clean it off with a soft, short-bristled brush or broom.  Monthly visual inspections can help you narrow down inspection intervals needed for the future.  For instance, if your unit is sheltered and protected, as frequent of inspections would not be required when compared to a unit that is directly under a crabapple tree.  Don’t be afraid to keep your unit covered longer.  That said it is practical not to forget about your central air conditioning system entirely, when not in use to maintain a long life.  When it comes time for annual service of your system or for that pesky air conditioner cleaning or malfunction you just can’t solve, give us a call at +1-403-860-8437 or email to setup an appointment.  

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