Heatwave canada

Government Mandated Cooling for Buildings & Cooling Protection Plans

Rapid change is required to prevent future disaster when a heatwave strikes. Learn solutions to the lack of cooling facilities and how to promote change. We also look at the drawbacks of cooling protection plans.

Ductless Heating and Cooling is Comfortable

Ductless Heating and Cooling Calgary - Advantages and Disadvantages

Learn the pros and cons of ductless mini split heating and cooling. This article will help you make a more educated decision to switch to ductless.

Heat recovery ventilator calgary

Heat Recovery Ventilators-Everything you Need to Know

Calgary winters are cold and property owners/managers can find balance between heating costs and fresh air exchanges by installing a heat recovery ventilator which keeps every one safe during COVID.

furnace cleaning

Furnace Cleaning - Crucial to your Heating System Operation

In this entry we outline the benefits of a furnace cleaning and how it can the ideal way to contact a heating service contractor for maximum value.

Air handling unit

Making Calgary's Offices Safer During COVID

Ventilation and air changes are more important than ever to keeping your property safe. Learn more about make up air units in this post.

commercial hvac system

Commercial HVAC System Sizing

Learn the basics of commercial HVAC system sizing from calculating tonnage to requirements per sq. ft. We also touch on the fundamentals of commercial HVAC in this detailed article.