Woman working on HVAC design software

A deep dive into Carrier's HAP (Hourly Analysis Program) to size and design HVAC systems

In this article, we will explore the practical applications of Carrier's HAP (Hourly Analysis Program) as well as alternative methods for conducting load calculations.

Technician working on commercial chiller

Commercial refrigerant leaks and the dangers they pose

Commercial refrigerant leaks are a paramount concern for building managers and operators in today's world. Discover the reasons behind this pressing issue in the following article.

Woman coughing in front of large commercial building

Lowering allergen levels in commercial buildings with complex HVAC systems

This year, allergy season has arrived earlier than anticipated. However, we are here to assist you in effectively protecting your building from allergens.

Square and circular ductwork in commercial building under renovation

Commercial HVAC Ductwork Deficiencies & Issues with Commercial Ductwork

From incorrect sizing to ineffective air balancing, a range of factors can result in substantial financial losses within your yearly heating and cooling expenses.

Cold weather heat pump

Cold climate heat pumps for zoned heating and cooling in commercial buildings

Heat pumps designed for cold climates are becoming increasingly popular as a versatile solution for heating and cooling, both in Calgary and elsewhere.

Heat recovery ventilators in high efficiency building

Heat Recovery Ventilators in Commercial Buildings and MURBs

At JDC Mechanical, we excel at the installation of heat recovery ventilators, the essential component of every high-performance building.

Robotic welder in mechanical room

Advances in Sheet Metal Design and Technology for Commercial Buildings

JDC Mechanical is revolutionizing sheet metal design and engineering in the rapidly advancing future.

Commercial Air Intake

Signs of inadequate air quality within your commercial property

In this article, we identify the signs of poor air quality in your commercial property, to effectively minimizing occupant complaints.

Thermostat on wall

Selecting a Thermostat for your Commercial HVAC System

For valuable advice on choosing the perfect thermostat for your commercial HVAC system, check out our exclusive tips. If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us and request a complimentary quote.

Server room ventilation

Preparing for an HVAC installation in a server room

Proper planning and thorough research are important for installing or upgrading an HVAC system in a server room. By doing so, you will be able to select and implement the most advanced and efficient technology available.

Technician working on commercial boiler

The Next Generation of Commercial Boilers and how Applications come into play

There are several new applications that are transforming the commercial boiler industry, enhancing management and operation.

HVAC technician looking into ductwork above ceiling panel

Money Saving Commercial HVAC Retrofits

Optimizing ductwork is a crucial aspect that is frequently disregarded when it comes to cost-effective commercial HVAC retrofits. However, it plays a pivotal role in greatly reducing expenses.

Evaporative cooling tower

Solar Powered Evaporative Cooling Towers

Incorporating solar power into your commercial evaporative cooling system is an increasingly favoured approach to reduce costs while achieving LEED certification.

Solar panels on side of commercial building

What is the future of commercial HVAC?

Commercial HVAC is moving towards greater efficiency with a focus on reducing environmental impact. Explore our comprehensive analysis right here.

Commercial HVAC mechanical room

What is the Most Common Commercial HVAC Problem?

This article covers the fundamentals of the most common commercial HVAC problem as well as many other issues.

Eco friendly

Natural Commercial Refrigerants

In order to reduce their environmental impact, commercial and industrial businesses should use natural refrigerants.

Money saved on commercial heating and cooling bills

How to Save Money on Commercial Heating and Cooling Bills

A number of key areas where building operations teams and property managers can save money are discussed in this article.

Chart to prepare HVAC system for winter

Preparing commercial HVAC systems for winter

To prepare your commercial HVAC equipment for winter, take a comprehensive, team-based approach. Our breakdown can be found here.

Commercial boiler room

Does my building need a new boiler?

Your operations depend on the reliability of your boilers and the satisfaction of your tenants. Be prepared to replace your boiler before an emergency arises.

air conditioning vents in building

5 Air Conditioning Tips for Commercial Buildings

Operational cooling equipment is crucial to your building operations. Read our 5 air conditioning tips for commercial buildings here.

Modern skyscraper

The Basics of Air Handling Units in Skyscrapers

Air handling fundamentals are the cornerstone of commercial building management. In this article we break air handling down for skyscrapers.

Man creating trends for HVAC 2022 presentation

Commercial HVAC System Trends for 2022

2022 is already proving to be a revolutionary year in terms of HVAC trends. Whether you are a property manager or HVAC pro you must read this.

Purified air graphic

Commercial Air Purifiers

If you are receiving complaints from your building occupants about odours or fatigue, we detail commercial air purifiers in this article.

Commercial Ductwork (Exposed)

The Fundamentals of Commercial Ductwork

This entry is a resource for building managers looking for information on ductwork from design, maintenance, repair to replacement.

Commercial HVAC maintenance contract signing

Commercial HVAC Contracts & What to Watch out for

Entering a contract to service of repair your HVAC equipment should be done with caution. Learn what to watch out for in this article.

Commercial Line Refrigerator

Fundamentals of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Protect your commercial refrigeration equipment by learning the fundamentals and connecting with our technicians. Learn all the fundamentals here.

Commercial furnaces

Commercial Furnace Maintenance Tips

A commercial furnace is a complex machine that relies on the same fundamentals as a residential furnace. With multiple components and configurations this equipment should only be trusted to red seal HVAC technicians.

Commercial Mechanical Piping

Signs that your Commercial HVAC Unit needs Replacement

We list and expand on 9 common reasons why your building's HVAC unit needs replacement in this entry. We offer 24/7 emergency service for our valued clients, contact us now.

Gas furnace burner

Carbon Monoxide

Is your home at risk? Some homes with Carrier brand furnaces made from 1989 to 2011 may have defective heat exchangers. Learn the risks here and plan to safeguard your family for the unexpected.

Air conditioning condensor

Air Conditioner Covers

To cover or not to cover? Always follow your manufacturer's recommendation and learn more about air conditioner covers for ironclad operation of your cooling equipment in this post.

Heatwave canada

Government Mandated Cooling for Buildings & Cooling Protection Plans

Rapid change is required to prevent future disaster when a heatwave strikes. Learn solutions to the lack of cooling facilities and how to promote change. We also look at the drawbacks of cooling protection plans.

Ductless Heating and Cooling is Comfortable

Ductless Heating and Cooling Calgary - Advantages and Disadvantages

Learn the pros and cons of ductless mini split heating and cooling. This article will help you make a more educated decision to switch to ductless.

Heat recovery ventilator calgary

Heat Recovery Ventilators-Everything you Need to Know

Calgary winters are cold and property owners/managers can find balance between heating costs and fresh air exchanges by installing a heat recovery ventilator which keeps every one safe during COVID.

furnace cleaning

Furnace Cleaning - Crucial to your Heating System Operation

In this entry we outline the benefits of a furnace cleaning and how it can the ideal way to contact a heating service contractor for maximum value.

Air handling unit

Making Calgary's Offices Safer During COVID

Ventilation and air changes are more important than ever to keeping your property safe. Learn more about make up air units in this post.

commercial hvac system

Commercial HVAC System Sizing

Learn the basics of commercial HVAC system sizing from calculating tonnage to requirements per sq. ft. We also touch on the fundamentals of commercial HVAC in this detailed article.