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For over two decades, JDC Mechanical has been helping to build a better Calgary.  Twenty five years in the commercial HVAC industry as journeymen commercial equipment specialists have taken us to the forefront of advancement in complex heating and cooling systems.   Above all, we remain committed to our client needs by offering cutting edge technology and industry leading design, all at a cost to lower bottom line.  Our goal is to provide you with journeyman level service at reasonable and easy to understand pricing, call us at (403) 860-8437 for a no obligation quote today.

Calgary Commercial Boiler Repair & Maintenance Services

Commercial boilers are used in a variety of settings, from hospitals to businesses to schools. They’re essential in many industries, and they play a vital role in the economy. But commercial boilers can also be dangerous. They’re often used in critical work environments, and they can fail suddenly and catastrophically. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable commercial boiler repair and maintenance service. JDC Mechanical is the certified, accredited and fully insured choice of building managers throughout the Calgary area.

Commercial Boiler Repair in Calgary

Calgary has a lot of commercial boiler repair companies, and it can be tough to pick the right one. It’s a priority to select a journeyman, red seal certified boiler technician. Some companies are only licensed and insured, though not all of their technicians come with the training, certification and expertise to complete the job. But how do you select the right company? If you want a company that forging a new direction in repairing commercial boilers and who uses cutting edge technology, has an excellent safety record and is affordable, then look no further than JDC Mechanical Ltd.

New Boiler Installation

Commercial boilers can be complicated often requiring special permits and knowledge, so it’s best to get an external team from your own operations staff to install them. You should also consider getting a commercial boiler inspection of your existing equipment to best know all your options and recommendations for cost-effective decisions. This will help you understand what work is necessary and what your legal responsibilities are when installing new or retrofitting your current setup.

Replacing your Commercial Boiler System

It’s important to replace your commercial boiler system before a critical emergency that can impact your operations. Your boiler is a major energy user, and it uses water in high-pressure environments, adding risks for your personnel and occupants. Replacing your commercial boiler system is also a good idea because of the numerous hazards involved with old boilers. There are some common indicators that show you may need to replace your boiler, including:


When there are leaks or drips

Pressure fluctuations

Your water pressure fluctuates or decreases

Combustion Issues

You have to turn off the burner more than once per hour


Your system is rusty or corroded

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Emergency Commercial Boiler Service

If your commercial boiler fails, you don’t have to worry about finding a repair person in the middle of the night. There’s an increasing number of companies that are available 24/7 for emergency commercial boiler service. These companies often charge hourly rates or set minimum fees for their services. It’s important to find out how much these services cost in advance, so you can budget accordingly. Another option is getting a service contract to prioritize your equipment should it require emergency attention. See our article on commercial HVAC service contracts and what to watch out for.


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Our real reviews from clients over the 25 years we’ve been in operation speak to the level of care and attention to detail we pay on all our projects, big or small.  We are routinely rated five stars by our customers for heating and cooling services in Calgary and area.   Our long term, repeat clients have confidence in our work and you will too.

The Benefits of using a Boiler for Commercial Heating

A commercial boiler is a source of heat that can be used in many industries. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain a steady temperature in the workplace. Beyond the obvious benefits of having a reliable source of heat, commercial boilers also have many other advantages. They are often used a variety of industries, which makes them well-suited for nearly all building applications. They transfer heat quickly, which is important when you need to make adjustments quickly. Boilers can also be set up to provide hot water, steam, and other types of radiant energy efficiently. Another benefit is that they are quiet; all sizes of commercial properties can benefit from this.

How to tell if your Commercial Boiler needs Servicing? Common Commercial Boiler Problems

Commercial boilers are designed to function properly when serviced on maker specified intervals, but they can malfunction unexpectedly. If you have a commercial boiler that’s been running for a long time and has experienced any of the following problems, you may need professional servicing: 

Leaking water

High levels of condensation

Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

Excessive steam or heat

Rising pressure

What do Boiler Repairs Include?

A boiler repair will usually include a deep clean, an inspection of the boiler, and any necessary repairs. It’ll also typically include a pressure test to make sure that the boiler is operating safely at high pressures. Some services might only focus on repairs or inspections, while others might offer deep cleanings and pressure testing as well. We do it all!!! Whatever you need, our commercial boiler repair service will be able to accommodate it.

Boiler Installation FAQ

Q: What is a boiler installation?

A: A boiler installation is when a new commercial or industrial heating system is installed in a building. The installer will install the boiler, duct work, and all the necessary parts that make up the system.

Q: How much does it cost to have a boiler installation done?

A: It will depend on what type of boiler you need; costs are dependent on a number of factors. Please contact us for a custom quotation.

Q: How easy is it to get a commercial boiler repaired?

A: It’s relatively easy as long as you use a reputable company. If you don’t use a reputable company for your repair needs, then it can be difficult to get someone else to fix it properly.

Q: What type of warranty do I need from my service provider?

A: A warranty is important because if something goes wrong with your system after an installation or repair, then you want to know that your service provider has your back. You should look for companies who offer at least five years of warranty coverage for boilers and three years for all other equipment included in the installation.

Boiler Maintenance & Repair FAQ

Every company should be aware of the risks that come with commercial boilers. Here are some common questions and answers about boiler maintenance and repair:

How long is a commercial boiler supposed to last?

This depends on the use and size of the boiler. The average life span for a commercial boiler is 15 years. Yet, there are documented cases in which a commercial boiler has lasted up to 40 years.

What is the correct maintenance schedule for a commercial boiler?

A service technician will determine this based on the type of operation, its size, and how much effort it takes to maintain it. Some boilers require as little as once every six months while others need more frequent visits every three months or so.

How do I know when my commercial boiler needs repair?

There are signs that indicate your unit could be in need of repair or replacement, such as unusual noises or smoke coming from your unit, rapid water temperature change, or reduced output. Signs might also include low pressure levels and improper combustion.

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