Commercial Furnace Maintenance Tips

Commercial furnaces

If you own a commercial business, it is important to ensure that your heating and cooling system does not break down when the temperature drops or rises. It can be difficult in cold climates where the ambient temperature can drop below freezing for extended periods. In this post, we will go over some tips on maintaining your commercial furnace so that it continues to work year after year.


Take Safety Measures

In an emergency, turn off and unplug all power cords before entering, opening or working on a commercial furnace. Familiarize yourself with power supply switch locations in case they’re needed later on-site or for emergency response teams to use at their discretion.  Contact us well in advance of an emergency to help you locate and label power supply switches.

Take Care of Filter Cleanliness

Dirty filters hinder the operation of your furnace and increase the amount of money you spend on heating. They also reduce lifespan of integral parts because they have to work harder with each pass through filter media which can lead them to be more prone to break down faster than normal.  This, is in part due in part to increased strain caused by particulate filled airflow that create conditions for a filter lasting just three months before needing replacement.  Permanent filters need constant maintenance, often every month. If there’s an electronic unit then cleanings are required about as frequently but at different intervals depending upon the kind of filters in operation.

Be aware of Gas Leaks

Is your furnace leaking gas or carbon monoxide? If you notice any worn or damaged connections, turn off the supply and contact a professional immediately before you assess for failure, yourself. A leak could start an expensive repair that has lasting effects on your wallet.

A furnace is a complex machine that can accidentally release toxic gases that are harmful to you and your building occupants. You should have regular maintenance for your commercial furnace, but if you notice any strange smells coming from it or hear unusual sounds when operating, try checking around those areas first. Hence, nothing becomes obstructive in its life cycle.

This entry discusses what kinds of things could impede your furnace performance – such as blockages to vents/exhaust pipes, etc.

Check the Thermostat Regularly

Thermostats are the most important devices in commercial HVAC systems. They control your furnace, often in combination with building management systems (BMS) and ensure that it can maintain an appropriate temperature to keep employees comfortable while also saving you money by controlling energy costs! Programmable thermostats and automated BMS offer even more benefits like allowing for on-the-go programming (perfect if a business tends to be chaotic), remote access through a smartphone app, mobile notifications about status changes or malfunctions so they don’t go unnoticed by maintenance or operations staff during downtime – not to mention program updates which will get your system up to date with advances technology as well new features offered by manufacturers every year.

Winter is a tough season for property owners. Not only do you have to deal with snow and ice, but your heating system can fail as well! When a thermostat falls out of calibration or misreads the temperature somehow, sending wrong signals down the line that could lead not just an overheat on one floor of the building – but all floors if it’s working properly across the entire occupied space.

The best way around this problem? Checking up on safe and reliable operation with the help of a professional, so they work correctly before more of your valued employees or tenants end up with accumulated lost time from sickness.

Try to Repair or Replace Faulty Parts

A poorly functioning component can be expensive to operate, and worse yet, when demand is highest, you’re likely to leave without heat during the coldest days. It could lead to inefficiency and accidents such as carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas fire that produces sooty diastatic fumes. If your house struggles with strange noises or odors, then have someone take care of those issues early this heating season because sometimes cleaning will solve all efficiency-related issues like sealant/insulation for ducts, which helps reduce air leaks while increasing comfort levels.  We can help to optimize your ductwork configuration to further increase efficiency and reliability.

Scheduling Professional Maintenance with Professionals

Your commercial heating system is a big investment. You can take care of some things yourself, but many jobs require professional expertise and equipment to do them right. To ensure your unit has everything it needs before winter starts spinning its drainpipes full speed ahead, have an inspector come out with us every year. One of our skilled technicians will check for cracks in heat exchangers or other problems that could lead to leaks during cold weather conditions.

Schedule an inspection to make sure everything is ship-shape and combustion is optimized until the next time.

Final Words

You can hire a professional to take care of your furnace with internal operations staff, but be sure that they have the proper credentials.  Even if you’re handy with tools and know-how to work on heating systems, there are resources available online that will help guide you through basic maintenance tasks like filter changes but leave everything else up to red seal accredited technicians. And finally–if changing filters, internally sounds too complicated or time-consuming for you. You may want to consult an HVAC specialist or you can contact us. We specialize in commercial furnaces and other HVAC services before the coldest winter weather arrives.

Property owners in Calgary are seeking economical, qualified, reliable and honest HVAC service. JDC Mechanical is not only red seal certified we also have over 25 years of experience to handle all of your commercial HVAC equipment installation and service needs.