Commercial HVAC System Trends for 2022

Man creating trends for HVAC 2022 presentation

How will you keep your HVAC firm growing and your customers happy with revenue growing? Looking at our HVAC trends for 2022 will help you keep a crucial, competitive edge! We want to assist you in achieving the level of expansion that will lead to long-term success in your business whether you are a property manager or HVAC competitor.  You can keep up with the newest advancements in the HVAC sector by reading this write-up.

To stay competitive in a market with so many local competitors, HVAC businesses must keep up with the latest innovations. We can provide you with crucial information that will assist you in establishing your HVAC business because we are Calgary’s choice for HVAC installation, service and repair.

A Look at the HVAC Industry's Emerging Trends

The following are some of the most recent rising trends in the HVAC sector. We hope you find this helpful information, and we encourage you to make any required adjustments that may benefit your company.

Maintain the mindset that if you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward. These trends can assist you in getting started in the right direction.

Increase Ability to Regulate Data and Connectivity

As HVAC systems become more sophisticated, more opportunities will be available to employ digital technologies that improve control and operator/occupant satisfaction.

By connecting all of your systems and measuring data such as temperature, humidity, detection of potentially toxic gasses, energy consumption, efficiency, and many other variables, you can give a seamless experience to your customers and employees. Your building operations, facilities and management personnel will benefit because they may improve the overall occupant experience by remotely monitoring and modifying the air quality, perhaps even while working comfortably from their place of residence, eliminating a need to commute.

It is true across the board, not just in the HVAC industry, where it is particularly true. Maintain your competitive edge as customers are looking for connectedness across many things in their properties. JDC Mechanical is a leader in commercial heating and cooling along with building management system (BMS) integration and collaboration with a variety of BMS providers.

HVAC Systems That Are Environmentally Conscious

Despite the popular belief of not worrying about the environment, many of your customers are likely to be worried about their impact on the environment and subsequent spending. It is becoming increasingly clear to home service providers that their customers desire to make environmentally beneficial decisions.

We strongly advise you to keep environmentally sustainable HVAC systems and the various components and equipment that go along with them on hand. Environmentally conscious alternatives will not appeal to everyone.  They are often more expensive than less environmentally friendly options, which some people cannot afford. That’s good; even if a small number of customers choose your items, it will benefit you in the long run. If you require assistance in putting a green HVAC plan into action, please let us know (403) 860-8437.

HVAC Smart Technologies

Integrative technology has been around for a long time, and it is only now being more widely used and accepted. HVAC systems and equipment are not exempt from this rule either. Various features such as automatic or self-regulation, temperature, and humidity sensors, remote control changes, energy output tracking, and much more are all conceivable using this cutting-edge technology.

HVAC Without the use of Ducts

It is becoming a popular trend to have this air conditioning system. Many older structures cannot accommodate duct installation due to a lack of available space.

Instead of being forced to use ductless HVAC systems in these cases, you may offer them as an option. Even if there is sufficient space for ducts, it is occasionally necessary to undertake a more expensive or larger project than the client would have preferred.

A special note to our competitors: If you offer ductless HVAC systems, you’ll be able to serve your current customers better while potentially gaining new ones.

Customer Relationship Management

Software, tools, and systems that facilitate customer relationship management (CRM) are advantageous for various reasons. An additional benefit of handling all aspects of client contacts, such as billing and collections and scheduling, messaging, forums, and other activities.


Customers may feel more connected to your organization’s community component if you address them by their first and last name and personalize your communications and offerings. Recognizing and treating your consumers like individuals can increase their trust in you, which can impact your bottom-line results. At JDC Mechanical we treat each project and client individually while prioritizing client communication and satisfaction the whole way through. 

Consultation Through the Internet and Work from Home

When the pandemic hit in 2019, we were all able to witness the devastating effects on the economy. Customers’ purchasing preferences were influenced, as was the way businesses conducted their operations due to this. When distant possibilities are accessible, people tend to take advantage of them.

To attract additional staff and consumers, you should evaluate whether certain components of your organization may be conducted remotely. Examine whether any alternatives will allow your employees to do tasks without coming into the office.

Consider whether you can keep your client interactions to a bare minimum if that is what they want. Digital or online consultations are becoming increasingly popular, according to our research. If you implement these changes now, you will be less badly impacted in the case of another economic slump.

Property owners in Calgary are seeking economical, qualified, reliable and honest HVAC service. JDC Mechanical is not only red seal certified we also have over 25 years of experience to handle all of your commercial HVAC equipment installation and service needs.