Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Ductless systems are appearing in a variety of commercial and residential applications throughout Calgary and across the prairies as well.   In this entry we will examine the pros and cons of zoned or room by room heating and cooling systems; if they have any business being installed in Calgary’s buildings and homes.  JDC Mechanical supplies ductless heating and cooling equipment from Allied, Daikin, Carrier and Lennox to meet all our customers’ needs.  Contact us for a no obligation quote or with your questions regarding ductless systems.

Ductless Unit On Living Room Wall
Ductless system mounted to wall of living room

Advantages of ductless heating and cooling systems


If you are looking for lower energy bills and minimizing your carbon footprint, a ductless, zoned system would be favourable to achieve both.   Ductless mini split units are significantly more efficient than baseboard heaters, space heaters and window mounted air conditioning units.  Many ductless units being manufactured today adhere to strict energy star requirements.

Ductless Heating and Cooling is Comfortable
Stay comfortable, year round

Air Filtration and Purification

Having your air filter and also auxiliary purification built right into the unit can be a huge advantage that only a ductless system will provide.  There is different levels of technology built into each unit and some of them go as far as having electrostatic air filtration that is often an expensive addition to a ducted system.  Another advantage of these units is that they often have a washable pre-filter that, if maintained properly can lower service and repair costs.    


Very little renovations are need to install a ductless unit and this is often the leading factor why our clients choose them over ducted or stand-alone systems.  The ability to zone your heating and cooling with the option easily add on by installing another mini-split unit in another room is often fortuitous for many property owners seeking flexibility in their HVAC system.  Most often a ductless heating or cooling system can be installed over a day or two which is quick compared to other systems.   Given the wide temperature fluctuations we experience in Calgary, selecting a ductless unit will provide comfort, year round with little hassle between seasons.  Just be sure to have us in for annual maintenance to prevent a costly breakdown.

Disadvantages of ductless heating and cooling systems

Equipment Cost

Ductless, zoned heating and cooling does come with higher upfront costs but these costs are offset in lower heating and cooling bills.   This relatively new technology is coming down in price which is a bonus for our clients and a unit can be installed from three to five thousand dollars. Contact us to ask about potential rebates for all of our heating and cooling products.


If each room in your home has a unit, it can mean more maintenance especially if your OEM recommends that the filters are cleaned monthly.  These filters are generally washable and reusable which alleviates much of the headaches that come along with expensive filters. 

Visual Appeal

Some say they are not visually appealing, cannot be blocked or covered but newer units come with a lot of technology built in, they often are easier on the eyes by blending in with neutral colours and do not make much noise to distract anyone trying to relax or work in the area.

Cold Weather Operation

Efficiency tends to go down in colder weather and this can be a deal breaker but again, selection of your unit is priority and often manufacturers will state optimal temperature ranges and installation specifications to get the most out of your money. We are here to guide you in your purchase and for all future servicing to help out along the way.

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