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For more than 25 years, JDC Mechanical has been Calgary’s premier choice furnace repair, service and installation provider.  We routinely receive five star rankings for all our services from satisfied customers in the Calgary area.  Our commitment to professionalism, transparent pricing and a team that’s comprised of qualified technicians has helped us become the preferred choice of property managers and homeowners across the city.  From large commercial HVAC projects to residential HVAC, routine annual maintenance we cover all aspects of heating and cooling for your property. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Why Choose JDC Mechanical?

JDC Mechanical’s Furnace Services

Our 24/7 hour emergency service has helped countless clients maintain heating and cooling.  We’re always there for you, ready to serve and this is why we are Calgary’s most trusted company for furnace installations/replacement, furnace cleaning and emergency repairs.  We also provide consultation on heating and cooling system upgrades to improve efficiency.  Have a breakdown within your manufacturer’s warranty? We can help you navigate the process to get your repair or replacement covered!  Call us 24 hours a day at (403) 860-8437

High Efficiency Heating Repairs in Calgary

High efficiency heating repair requires up to date training and knowledge for long lasting repair.  Mostly due to the multiple stages of heating technology and variable speed blowers utilized to provide economical heat.  Conventional furnace heating has a single stage of heating and a set-speed direct drive blower which is less complex to repair.  Do not trust your high efficiency furnace service to anyone, at JDC Mechanical we have recent and direct manufacturer training with all makes and models of traditional, mid and high efficiency furnaces.  Our goal is to provide you with journeyman level service at reasonable and clear pricing, call us at (403) 860-8437

What do Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean?

In 2021, the vast majority of furnaces manufactured are high efficiency.  This means they carry Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency by Energuide (AFUE) ratings of 90-98%. To break this rating down further it means that between 2-10% of the effective heat is lost either through combustion gas exhaust or other inefficiencies in the heating system.

High efficiency furnaces were released in the 1980s but were not widely popular until after the last millennium, it was the mid-efficiency furnace that ruled the home heating market.  Most homes in the 1990s were equipped with a mid-efficiency unit that was anywhere from 78-82% AFUE rated which equated to anywhere between 18-22% heat lost through inefficiency.   Combine this will a drafty home and aging ductwork that is often another culprit for efficiency losses and this number rises sharply.  We can assist with optimization of your home heating system to minimize losses and lower your utility bills contact us for more details.

Tips to Maximize the Lifespan of your Furnace

Annual maintenance

Most homeowners only know how to change their furnace filter. Asking them to analyze combustion of a furnace or adjust/clean the burners is a difficult task. In our maintenance calls we relentlessly take the time to check for health and safety issues like a cracked heat exchanger or blocked intake and report all in a detailed inspection report. Regular system checkups are the key to resolving small problems before they become a costly breakdown when it’s -30 Celsius outside. To provide the best value, call us in for a furnace cleaning and we’ll cover it all.

Be energy conscious

All the time. Instead of having your system operating at full throttle, opt to keep warm while you’re relaxing in your home with a warm sweater, pair of slippers and a soft blanket. When you’re sleeping lower the temperature a little more to stretch your savings even further.

Ensure your furnace is breathing easy

Changing your furnace filter regularly is important for operation and to keep the air in your home clean. We advise against using washable filters as they do not provide optimal filtration and can damage your system, leading to a costly breakdown. Particulate that escapes through reusable filters can get trapped in a variety of components causing early failure, not to mention blockages but we get to that below.

Use a programmable thermostat

Often we see customers who have failed to setup their programmable thermostat or it’s sitting in a box, waiting to be installed. Over the life of a programmable thermostat, thousands of dollars in home heating costs can be saved, not only through lower gas and electricity bills but also in prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. Thermostats that integrate home automation, scheduling and motion/thermal sensors are becoming the go to for homeowners who want to save the most money. They slowly increase the temperature instead of placing a heavy load on your furnace during cold, waking hours. These are the best bet to get the most years out of your high efficiency furnace.

Check intakes and ductwork for blockage

Any blockage in your heating system may elevate deadly carbon monoxide levels and put strain on your furnace. Often, outdoor intakes for high efficiency furnaces can become blocked with anything from ice to a wasp nest. If visual inspection is not possible please contact us to assess your issue.

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Selecting the Right Furnace Repair Company for you

It is our priority during the pandemic to honour public health guidelines and all our technicians will take precautions when entering your home.  This includes wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer before and after our service call.   On top of this it is paramount to use a company that is licensed, bonded and insured both by WCB and a liability errors and omissions insurance policy.  Using certified technicians who have journeyman red seal training along with COR certification from the Alberta Construction Safety Association we will meet the highest level of safety standards to ensure quality workmanship and reliable operation for years to come.

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Our real reviews from clients over the 25 years we’ve been in operation speak to the level of care and attention to detail we pay on all our projects, big or small.  We are routinely rated five stars by our customers for heating and cooling services in Calgary and area.   Our long term, repeat clients have confidence in our work and you will too.


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